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Blossoming imagination


Hear the humming of the bees in a sea of marguerites, feel the sun on your skin – dream about the wonderful times of your youth, the spring of life, with our zwergnase Collection 2007. Our artistic dolls were made with a love of detail and a passion for craftsmanship, exclusively
for you in Germany.

Have fun on your journey with the zwergnase artistic dolls!


A summer walk

Get out! Enjoy the fresh air! Meadows, fields and the scent of flowers! This year, our zwergnase bears are particularly adventurous and put you into the mood for a cheerful and jolly summer. With sparkling wit and gaiety, they look forward to their new companions who appreciate craftsmanship and unique attention to detail.


In their own world

Our zwergnase dolls welcome you to their world of imagination! All things beautiful, enthusiasm and a passion for what we do inspired us to create the zwergnasen 2007. Now they are just waiting for you to accompany them on new adventures. Almost unheard of these days, but true: the zwergnasen, just like their famous sisters, are 100% handmade – and only in Germany!

Enjoy the world of the zwergnasen!